About Us


Mbale People’s Hospital was established and registered under the Ministry of Health in 1999 as Mbale People’s clinic and Maternity Home (Vaena) a private medical centre offering health services to people within Mbale, the surrounding communities and beyond. In the year 2019 having grown in  capacity, both personel and infrastructure it gained it’s hospital status thus Mbale People’s Hospital (MPH). The Hospital handles both all the common medical health conditions and Special medical health conditions. 

Mbale People’s Hospital is a private not for profit which started as a community initiative health facility geared at  providing basic preventative, curative healthcare and support supervision of the community health outreaches. It has been supported by Rotary Club of Mbale and Mbale Diosese community. 

The Founder Dr. Aruho Boaz has been an advocate in the hospital formation for “save the mothers and the baby” and has led the campaign in the Eastern region of Uganda





Our Vision

To have a one stop centre of medical excellence for health communities

Our Mission

To provide Equitable, Affordable, Cost effective Health Care Services with focus on quality and excellence.

Core Values