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Community Initiatives

The USAID Uganda Voucher Plus Activity is a five -year (2016-2021) project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with Abt Associates that aims to increase the use of maternal and newborn health services by poor pregnant women, by providing qulaity obstetric, newborn ,and postpartum family planning services. The activity identifies, accredits, and contracts private providers and  Mbale People’s Hospital is among those selected to deliver a package of safe motherhood services.

The activity builds demand for Voucher Community -Based Distributors (VCBDs) who offer vouchers at 4,000 UGX to elgible women.The VCBDs provide safe motherhood information to pregnant women, youth and partners. The highly subsidized voucher package offers four antenatal care visits, services for elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV, delivery with the help of a skilled health worker, postnatal care and postpartum family planning (PPFP).


At first, Mbale People’s Clinic and Maternity home was a common facility handling basic obstetric care. When the USAID Uganda Voucher Plus Activity partnered with the facility, it aligned perfectly with Dr. Aruho’s dream to save lives of mothers and babies irrespective of how much they have. The activity has helped Voucher mothers to bring their sick children and husbands to seek treatment.

Junik's Story

Junik Nambafu a house-wife from kidobo village on the outskirts of Mbale district. When it was time for Nambafu to deliver, she made it to the hospital and eight hours later Nambafu welcomed her second son.”I made the right choice when i bought a voucher and came to hospital. I am extremely happy with the great care i received. I still can’t believe the financial difficulty this project lifted from me!” Nambafu Says. Nambafu is one of the many voucher mothers receiving healthcare at Mbale People’s Hospital

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